We both settled on the Berghaus wide brim hat for use as a sun hat. The brim keeps the sun off your face and neck, and the waterproof version is useful to have when the occasional squall hits you. I also have a Thinsulate beanie hat for cold weather use.
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There are so many choices out there that it’s completely a matter of choice, be it for colours or pocket arrangements. I still have my original Berghaus waterproof jacket which came with a zipped in fleece. Geri favours Regatta waterproofs, probably because she likes their colours. For lightweight waterproofs we both have Berghaus shell jackets - extremely light and folds up to virtually nothing in its own mesh bag. Geri has a fetching purple one, and mine is blue.


We both have summer and winter fleeces. My Berghause waterproof came with a zipped in fleece which I use as my winter weight fleece. I also have a lighter summer weight Berghaus fleece. Geri too Likes her purple winter weight fleece.

Base layers

For a number of years we didn’t really think too much about base layers until we discovered Icebreaker merino wool long and short sleeved T shirts. We also have a pair of long johns each by Icebreaker as well as a pair of gloves.
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Geri was recommended Rohan trousers. At that time I was really lucky to find them very cheap on eBay and bought 2 pairs. They shed water in a light downpour and are very rugged. What’s more they fit Geri very well. I started off with a couple of pairs of Craghopper zip of trousers. It has to be said that I have only ever zipped the bottoms of the trouser legs off, so maybe I could have saved a bit of money. Recently I’ve bought some Rab vapour rise trousers which are great for use in the winter.


I have always bought Berghaus Explorer Trek Hiking boots. They have changed in design over the years and always feel very comfortable right from the first moment I put them on. The earlier models tended to start shedding their fabric material and eventually split along the toe joints. The later versions seem to be much better and no complaints so far.
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Berghaus Explorer Trek Hiking boot

Geri has benn more adventurous and started with a couple of pairs of cheap boots before finding that Brasher Supalite ll lightweight boots suited her very well.

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Brasher Supalite ll boot

Last year (2015) I bought a replacement pair for her for Christmas and the fit was not quite as good and so she started looking for a replacement. Altberg’s Malham lightweight ergonomic boots seems to be just the job.

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Altberg’s Malham lightweight ergonomic boot


We’ve tried various socks over the years. Initially Bridgedale seems to work for us. Then the styles changed and we went with the different versions until we discovered Teko seamless socks. These really are the best socks for both of us and their seamless style prevents discomfort along our toes.

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