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Moelfre to Llanddona [8.4 miles]

The Maps

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The Route

The Walk
Beryl MIke and I set off from Moelfre and first of all headed down to the sea to check out the lie of the land. Then we joined the coast path and headed out of Moelfre with the sun beating down on our heads it wasn't very long before we were removing fleeces.
After leaving Moelfre the coast path went inland for a short period and then we emerged onto a small bay Traeth Bychan. We passed over the pebbly beach then back up onto the cliff but mostly in green tunnels which hid the sea from view. I found this part of the walk rather disappointing.
Traeth Bychan
Looking back to Traeth Bychan
An interesting water feature
Not much to say about the stretch from Traeth Bychan to Benllerch other than most of it was in cool green walkways during which period we stopped for a coffee break on a convenient bench, the sun vanished and didn't return for the remainder of the day.
Never seen a kissing gate like this before
Typical coast path scenery in this section
More of the pathway here was remote from the sea and it was with some relief that we eventually emerged onto the tidal flat area which marked the beginning of Red Wharf Bay. The tide was on the way out when we arrived but most of the boats were still afloat. It came as quite a surprise to realise how quickly the water drained from the bay area.
Our first sight of Red Wharf Bay
Red Wharf Bay is so named after the colour of its sand, so I'm led to believe. However, the redness of the sand wasn't apparent to me.
Heading alongside Red Wharf Bay on the tidal marshland
The 'Tidal route'
We opted to take the 'tidal route' and as it was getting near to lunch we looked for a sheltered spot to settle down. Lunchtime was taken up by looking at the huge variety of sea birds and waders present in ever increasing numbers in front of us as the tide receded. Mergansers, oyster catchers, turnstones, plovers, egrets, curlews and so the list goes on

It was a real surprise to us how many folks walked their dogs along the path, and on a number of occasions I reached for my lunchbox to save it from prying noses!

We eventually got going again and after a while the path stepped up onto a 10 foot hight wall which ran for quite a distance until eventually returning to the sands.
The elevated section of the coast path
Once we were back on the sands and in a short distance we emerged onto the road at Llanddona where we were reunited with Mikes car.