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Llangrannog to New Quay [8.3miles]

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The Route

The Walk
Day 2 and having been dropped off at our start point we climbed up and out of Llangrannog.
Out of Llangrannog and on our way
We were heading for a peninsula at the tip of which was an island Ynys-Lochtyn.

Ynys-Lochtyn from the south west
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Leaving Ynys-Lochtyn we keep heading east and eventually arrive at the top of the (currently deserted) dry ski slope at Urdd Centre
Top of the dry ski slope at Urdd Centre
Guess which way the prevailing wind blows?
We came to a small headland called Trwyn Crou and spotted a ladder propped rather precariously against the stone face and not particularly inviting to go and explore.
The steep sided gorge at Trwyn Crou
This stretch of the coastline is a paradise for bird lovers. Stonechats galore, choughs, whitethroats and wheatears are commonplace as well as the numerous herring gulls and a rare glimpse of the lesser black-backed gull. Mike and Beryl found to their frustration that the bird that just sat looking calmly at us vanished in a wink of an eye as their binoculars came up to their eyes
Now where's it gone? Missed it again!!
We eventually arrived at the National Trust owned tiny habitation of Cwmtydu - most of which was closed until the summer, and so we passed on through to the shoreline, passing the old lime kiln near the beach and climbed up and onto the cliff tops once again and heading towards New Quay.
The lime kilns at Cwymtydu
Folded rock formation at Cwymtydu
This section is an excellent area to view coastal geology with some extreme examples of folded rock formations being clearly visible. It later runs past the former coastguard lookout at Birds Rock which is a great area for spotting both marine wildlife and seabirds.
A peaceful looking bay east of Cwymtydu
A peaceful looking bay east of Cwymtydu
Near to the lookout building at Newquay
Eventually we paused at the top of the hill above New Quay. Mike decided to inspect Birds Rock and I pushed my way through a thicket to join him. However my rucksack caught on a branch which spun me round and to avoid falling I had to step rapidly round and found myself back on the path where Beryl tried hard not to burst out laughing at my antics and my sudden reappearance.

Finally we took the long gentle descent to the information centre in New Quay. End of day 2 and a short one having walked 8.3 miles on this stretch.