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Mullion Cove to Prussia Cove [14.0 miles]

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The Route

The Walk
Today it rained. In fact it poured down, but none the less Mike and Beryl decided to launch themselves at a 14 mile walk from Mullion Cove to Prussia Cove. My right knee was still sore and I just couldn't face that distance (even when the knee was sound I'd struggle) so Geri & I took the two stalwarts to their start point at Mullion Cove and bit them farewell. I'd agree to accompany them from the car park at Parc-an-ais Cliff to do the final 7½ miles to Prussia Cove.
Mike & Beryl set off from Mullion Cove
Looking back on Mullion Cove
Mullion Cove & Mullion Island
Looking ahead to Chynhalls Point
By the time they arrived the rain had virtually stopped, much to my relief and so we left Geri to make her way back to the b&b and headed off up the road through Porthleven and onto the cliff top coast path. We went at a fair pace and quite soon the rain stopped completely and we started shedding layers.
Porthleven inner harbour

above 4 photos courtesy Mike

We passed Parc Trammel Cove and headed on to Tremearne Cliff where we got our first glimpses in the distance of our lunchstop and the old chimneys at Trewavas Cliff.
Chimney & mine building at Trewavas Cliff
Does it look like a merecat to you?
We now rounded Rinsey East Cliff and got our first view of Praa Sands.
Wheal Prosper mine 1860
By now my right knee and calf were protesting and so Praa Sands looked to be a good place to rest them both as we covered the distance on the flat - wrong! The sands were so soft (even right down at the water line) that our heels dug in and the walk along the sands became a real struggle for me. The recent bad weather has clearly much damage and undercutting to the earth cliffs and several houses now look to be in jeopardy.
Innocent looking Praa Sands
Undercutting of the sandy cliffs hereng Pan
Praa Sands from above Sydney Cove with the weather improving all the time
At last we reached Sydney Cove and climbed up off the sands. We rounded Hoe Point and followed along Kenneggy Cliff to Prussia Cove. For me a punishingly short walk but glad to have done it for all that.