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St Brides to Nolton Haven [9.96 miles]

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The Route

The Walk
I did this walk on a dull and overcast day last September but Geri, sadly was unable to accompany me. It's been something we both wanted to do and so, as the weather was set fair, we popped off to Nolton Haven today.

When I say "..popped off to Nolton Haven.." I mean, we got up at 5.00am; sorted out Olly our cat; left Bucknell at 6.00am to drive the 115 miles to Nolton Haven in time to catch the 9.20am Puffin Shuttle to St Bride's.
St Bride's Castle and St Bride's Haven
We were deposited at St Bride's at about 10.00am and started the walk from St Bride's Haven in glorious sunshine (a bit of a change from last September).

We had hoped that the on-shore breeze would have kept us nice and cool, and so it proved for a while, but as the walk progressed and we rounded a few headlands, the land protected us from the cooling breeze and we got really hot.
Once again Stack Rocks, about ½ mile offshore, caught our attention
Halfway Rock
Stack Rocks
"Walking Eye"

One of the five "Eyes of the Sea" rock sculptures

Mill Haven
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Howney Stone
We've still not discovered why there's a stone called Howney Stone, nor for that matter, which two locations Halfway Rock is between but it was a good time to pause for a drink and a bite to eat as it had been a good 5 hours or more since we'd eaten breakfast. (Edit - Halfway Stone marks the halfway distance between Little Haven and Martin's Haven)

As we approached Borough Head we started to pick up the cooling breeze which had deserted us for a while.
Howney Stone
Borough Head from above Musslewick bay
We were now about to change direction and start heading north. We were just south of Little Haven and an inviting bench facing the sea seemed too good to pass up and so we stopped for our lunch. Once done we passed though Little Haven and followed the road up and over the headland and into Broad Haven. By contrast to last September the beach was stuffed with holidaymakers of all shapes and sizes (some of which really should not have been out!).
Broad Haven
The Druidstone
A string of horses enjoying the beach at Druidston Haven
Druidston Haven
The eco dwelling at Druidston Haven
We were now on the final stretch and arrived at Nolton Haven having completed the 10 miles in a little under 5 hours. Our reward was an ice cream before we set off from Nolton Haven just after 3pm. Emily, our sat nav advised we'd arrive in Bucknell at 5.47pm - in the event we arrived at 5.52pm. Looking back on the day we both agreed it was a fantastic day out and worth the effort.
Nolton Haven