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Stackpole Quay to Stack Rocks [7¾ miles]

The Maps


The Route

The Walk
It seems ages since we were last down here and it's good to team up with Sue and Stu for another bit of the coast path. This time we're starting on a piece of path that Geri and I walked 4 years ago on our very first visit.

We first made our way to Stack Rocks - not without incident when Emily, our sat nav threw her toys out of the pram and tried to send us into the Castlemartin Camp!
The Green Bridge of Wales
Before we left Stack Rocks, it was a good opportunity to show Stu & Sue the Green Bridge of Wales.
Stackpole Quay
Then we drove to Stackpole Quay and set off.
We're on our way - looking east along the coast to the red sandstone cliffs
It was a glorious day with sunshine nearly all the way - blue sky enhanced the sea and a gentle breeze kept us cool as we walked along the coast path.
Barafundle Bay
Our first stop was the beautiful Barafundle Bay - almost deserted today with just a handful of people about as we came down the stone steps onto the sands and walked below the dunes to climb back up onto the cliffs.

We stopped for a coffee near to Raming Hole and shortly after continued along the path to peer into Sandy Pit on our way to Broad Haven South.
Sandy Pit
Broad Haven South
The lagoon at the entrance to Bosherston Lily Ponds
As we came down onto the beach we remarked on Church Rock in the Bay itself. At the rear of the beach was the lagoon marking the entrance to Bosherston Lily Ponds which we are gong to visit next spring (all being well).
Church Rock
We crossed the sands and as we did Geri spied a couple of beached jellyfish as we made our way across to the steps leading upwards and on to St Govan's Head.
St Govan's Head
We were ready for lunch by the time we arrived at the steps leading down to the 13th century diminutive St Govan's Chapel, so we counted down the 75 steps to the chapel floor, then passed through to the rocky cove below where we sat in the sunshine for a break.
52 steps down to St Govan's Chapel
St Govan's Chapel
Targets on Castlemartin Range
It was time to the final stretch along the Castlemartin Range to our destination. We passed Huntsman's Leap (still a difficult concept to take on board) then Saddle Head and the Castle headland. Finally, the Green Bridge of Wales came clearly into sight. We were walking near to targets on the range on our right, and exclaiming over cliff geology on our left - quite bizarre. Bullslaughter Bay backed by high limestone cliffs was our next port of call. Strange that no one knows whether the name refers to a happy bull, or a cattle slaughter area.
Stu contemplates ...
... Bullslaughter Bay
Moody Nose point in the foreground with Stack Rocks<br>& the Green Bridge behind
Finally we re-visited the Green Bridge, now looking slightly different to our view of it first thing this morning.