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Ceibwr Bay to St Dogmaels [7.91 miles]

The Maps


The Route

The Walk
First we had to get to St Dogmaels and then find the car park! I decided to let Stu lead in his car today. Strangely, his satnav had a rather different idea of how to get there still, we eventually parked in the car park and jumped aboard my car to get to Moylgrove.
Setting off from Ceibwr Bay
The walk started with a steep climb up onto the cliff top and then we were on our way. The walk was a lot more uppy and downey than I remembered and it's just as well that Geri took a day off as it was a fairly hard walk.
The amazing geology of this wonderful coast path
As we left Ceibwr Bay we say a solitary shelduck, but the day improved with the usual stonechats and wheatears, but a fabulous walk for geological revelations which just kept on coming. I've often thought that had I been fortunate enough to have visited this wonderful coastline I might well have been inspired to study geology in later years! The scenery is just so totally absorbing.

As I said, the walk was littered with ups and downs of the lengthy variety. The first one seemed to go on for ever, whilst other looked quite daunting before we even started on them.
A daunting climb ahead
More fabulous rocks to exclaim over
We rounded Cemaes Head and took our fill of Poppit Sands and Cardigan Island.
The walk ended following a rather uninspiring road into St Dogmaels.
The road walk to St Dogmaels
On the way we passed the start/end of The Pembrokeshire coast path where we paused to pose for a group photo before returning to St Davids.