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Porth Clais to Whitesands - [6.71 miles]

The Maps


The Route

The Walk
Day 2 of this visit and we're off to walk one of our all time favourite sections of the coast path. This walk has a bit of everything with plenty of ups and downs; great habitat for the inevitable stonechats and wheatears; offshore islands and of course sea-life of all kinds, but mostly seals in Ramsey Sound. The every present new lifeboat house at St Justinian's has proved to be quite a spectacle over the last two years, and on our last visit the house was open to visitors. Sadly on our visit the lifeboat was away towing a broken down fishing vessel back to Fishguard.
Porth Clais
We set off from Porth Clais - the tide was in for a change and as we gained the cliff tops and headed towards Porthlysgi Bay the sun came out. It wasn't long before we spotted the St Justinian's lifeboat heading across the bay just beyond the island of Carreg yr Esgob (Bishop's Island).
The St Justinian's lifeboat passing Carreg yr Esgob

Grassholm Island on the horizon

We continued to Porthlysgi Bay where the path takes us right down and onto the beach where we paused to take in the beach art.
Beach art at Porthlysgi Bay
The peninsula of Carreg Frân in the foreground

with Carreg yr Esgob beyond and the distant southern tip of Ramsey Island beyond

The St Justiian's lifeboat crew ttraining in Porthlysgi Bay
We were soon rounding the headland and got our first view of Ramsey Sound and Ramsey Island.
Ramsey Sound
As we walked northwards we saw numerous Barrel Jellyfish (Rhizostoma Octopus) close to shore, lazily wafting their way towards the near shore.
Barrel Jellyfish in Ramsey Sound
A little further on, the now completed lifeboat station came into view. The old slipway is now used by local sightseeing boats to board passengers.
The old and the new lifeboat stations
The large red sandstone natural arch near to Castel Heniff
We were now looking for somewhere to stop for lunch. Although the weather was fine, there was a chilly wind blowing from the north west and so after we'd passed St Justinian's, the search was on. We eventually found a pleasnt and sheltered spot which we took ownership of, much to the dismay of a large party of walkers who pitched up about 10 minutes after our arrival.

The final part of our walk took us along the cliff tops to Whitesands Bay.
Whitesands Bay