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Skomer Island [4.16 miles]

The Maps


The Route

The Walk
The ticket for the trip to Skomer
Skomer from above

© The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales

First thing it was very thick fog with viz down to about 50 metres. But the forecast was for an improvement during the morning and the wind was light which was good for the boat crossing from Martins Haven.
We arrived in what we thought was good time and found ourselves on the last boat (midday).
Hundreds of puffins near to the landing point
ou want to take our picture? OK
After a quick briefing as we arrived we walked to the centre of the island and had our lunch.
Old Farm - visitors centre and a good place to stop for lunch
We then headed north to the Garland Stone where we spied a number of grey seals basking in the warm sunshine. The rock also had numerous guillemots and razorbills as well as gulls on it. Puffins we're everywhere we looked and would pop up alongside the coast path as we walked around.
the Garland Stone
We 'wasted' a huge amount of time on these dear little creatures who appeared out of their buttows some of which were right beside the path. We spotted some gigantic rabbits too. We've no idea what they get fed on but whatever it is it's working very well.
Huge rabbits and quite tame
Looking back at Old Farm from near The Table
As we walked round the island I spotted another strange little but striking looking bird which I subsequently found out to be a sedge warbler. Further on another little bird turned out to be a meadow pipit. And so it went on. Discovery after discovery turned the day into a magical adventure which kept on giving.
The distant Skokholm island from Skomer Head
We eventually arrived at the main puffin colony at The Wick. Literally thousands of puffins crowd the cliff tops arriving in a very comical manner and their takeoffs were hilarious too! The Wick is home to a huge colony of fulmars, kittiwakes, guillemots, razorbills and of course, the comedians - the puffins.
The cliffs at The Wick

home to a huge colony of fulmars, kittiwakes, guillemots and razorbills

Puffins everywhere!
Whilst we were there we also spotted a pair of whimbrel making their curlew- like call nearby and as we returned at the end of the day we saw a short eared owl flying over the meadows. Our final treat on the boat ride back to Martin's Haven was solitary gannet diving for its dinner.
Heading back to return to the mainland
A last look at puffins, guillemots and razorbills
A most exhausting and memorable day for the four of us and we vowed to do it again next time we have a holiday here.
Time to return to Martin's Haven<