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Solva to Porth Clais [5.71 miles]

The Maps


The Route

The Walk
A week of walking lay ahead for Geri and me, and as Sue and Stu were having to leave us on Monday, we decided to get an early start from Bucknell and 'fill in' a fow missing sections on the coast path for them. So today we arrived at Solva for the short(ish) hike to Porth Clais.
Solva harbour
The first and most important thing was to get some food down our necks after the three hour drive. We found an ideal bench just along the coast path beside the harbour and took in the view. Once we were fully satisfied, off we went and climbed up onto the cliff top.
Then up the steps
It was a truly glorious day, with blue sky and a bit of a gently breeze which carried us along the path. Very soon we were spotting old friends like the inevitable stonechats and surprisingly we spotted a linnet - not that we knew what it was at the time, but the book later confirmed our earlier sighting.We puzzled over another couple of birds before I remembered Mike sage words of advice "....if it's got a white throat and it's a little brown bird, then it's likely as not to be a whitethroat..."!

We had plenty of time to stop and admire the birdlife as well as the scenery, and we were surprised by the number of other walkers we encountered as we headed towards St Non's chapel.
Approaching St Non's chapel
Looking back from St Non's
A little further on we rounded a headland and our destination and Porth Clais (and more importantly - ice creans) came into view. A great walk to start our 2017 visit to Pembrokeshire.
Especially for Stu - an arch as we approach Porth Clais
Porth Clais harbour