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Robin Hood's Bay to Whitby [7¼ miles]

The Maps

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The Route

The Walk
Day 2 of our walks on the Cleveland Way and likely to be the final one as the weather this week has been really disappointing. Clear blue skies when we were eating breakfast quickly deteriorating to heavy rain round about midday and thwarting our wish to walk further. Our first day's walk was completed in the dry, but within a short time of getting into the car the heavens opened.

Today's forecast was much the same and so we decided on a shortish walk to ensure we stayed dry. We had visited Robin Hood's Bay yesterday and so we went through our bus catching routine once again - the number 4 bus from Sandsend to Whitby bus station and then the very grand and speedy X93 from Whitby to Robin Hood's Bay.

We quickly found the coast path (having checked it out the day before) and we were on our way. Robin Hood's Bay is a most delightful location and as we walked away from it the views back along the coast were spectacular.
Looking back to Robin Hood's Bay
We rounded Ness Point or North Cheek and finally the village was lost to view. The coast path here is quite soft underfoot and the cliff covered in green undergrowth.
As we got closer to Whitby we came across the Whitby High Light lighthouse now a pair of holiday cottages - it gave us an idea for a future holiday!

The lighthouse, a white octagonal brick tower, was first lit on 1 October 1858 and cost about £8,000. In 1890, a more efficient light was installed and it was electrified in 1976 and automated in 1992.
Whitby High Light
A little further along the coast path was the old Whitby Fog Signal (deactivated) - now also a holiday let which is perched dramatically on the top of Whitestone Point the home of a colony of kittiwakes. Plenty of tiny chicks visible through the binoculars and the constant kittiwake chattering going on.
Whitby Fog Signal & Whitestone Point
Kittiwakes at Whitestone Point
As we rounded Whitestone Point we got our first glimpse of Whitby Abbey on the skyline ahead.
Whitby Abbey
We decided to stop by the Abbey for our lunch. The place was teaming with visitors (like us I suppose). Having finished we set off; passing St Mary's Church and taking the cobbled Church Lane in preference to the busy 199 steps down into Whitby; pausing for quick check of the Jet Museum before heading off to the bus station to catch a number 4 back to Sandsend.