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Aberystwyth to Ynyslas [10.04 miles]

The Maps

The Route

The Walk

Our final day found us back at the car park at Aberystwyth. This is a section of two distinct halves with Aberystwyth to Borth being a challenging yet popular section while the section between Borth and Ynys-las is completely flat. The path here leaves the bridge in the town centre, through the yard of a pub and back to complete the circumnavigation of the harbour before emerging onto the promenade the railings and shelters of which were in the process of being painted. In spite of a gloomy forecast, the sun was shining although visibility was rather poor.

We reached the base of the cliff and started the first climb of the day on this final section (rated as HARD by the guide books). Our path took us up alongside the cliff railway which we passed over twice.

The cliff railway at Aberstywth

Linnet spotting

We reached the top and continued on what has been described as an exhilarating and tough section of the coast path. Not the word I would have used as it was quite uppy and downy in a big way all the way to Borth. It was also quite busy with other walkers.

Near Ty Mawr

Perhaps one of the most remarkable features on the coast is the Sarn Cynfelyn ridge a glacial moraine left by receding ice sheets at the end of the last ice age forming a causeway which stretches out to sea for 6 or 7 miles at Wallog and just before a pretty steep climb.

The Sarn Cynfelin ridge

Craig y Delyn

The distant war memorial overlooking Borth

We eventually reached Borth and made the descent onto the sands. About Borth? Less said, but there is a huge amount of work going on adding new sea defences to prevent flooding. Personally I think it might be kinder to let mother nature reclaim the land.

The coast path at Borth strangely dives inland and runs parallel with the road about half a mile or so away from the sea. Being brave soldiers, and as the tide couldn't have been more out if it tried, we walked the 3 miles along the sands and at the appropriate (thank you Garmin) we crossed through the dunes and found Mike's car.

Looking down into Borth Ynyslas can be seen in the far distance

Mike Beryl & Geri setting off for Borth

The final long stretch along the 3 mile length of Borth sands

Just 10.5 miles today making a total for the 5 days of 51.44 miles. Geri & I would like to thank Mike and Beryl for the pleasure of their company and hope we can do it next year.

Ynyslas at the end of the coast path

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