Walk 18 [6.7 miles] - Kempton & Edgton

OS201 OS137 garmin

The forecast was good and we all set off in 3 cars to Kempton where we started our walk. We were somewhat surprised at the volume of traffic on the farm track during our ascent until a passing convoy alerted us to the fact that there was a pheasant shoot in the area. We continued our ascent where we had glorious views of the surrounding countryside. We then had a gentle descent into Hopesay.

The long descent into Hopesay

We had elevensies shortly after leaving Hopesay accompanied by mince pies provided by Anne Cummings - thank you Anne. We then made another ascent at which time rain threatened to spoil our day. Fortunately it rained quite a bit around us - be we only had a brief shower to contend with.

Rain all around us - and numerous rainbows

We then descended into the village of Edgton where we took the opportunity of putting our guide Colin Cummings (who had been just a little lacking today - more than once Anne put us right) into the stocks.

Colin - in the stocks

Not to be outdone - Mike Starr joined in

We then had a lunch stop where everyone took pity on Ian who'd not read the brief and who only came with a snack, before returning to Kempton. A lovely walk and thank you to Colin, and particularly Anne Cummings for leading it.


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