Walk 40 [6 miles] - Flounders Folly

OS201 OS137 garmin

Anne & Colin lead the 6 of us our from the Secret Hills Centre in Craven Arms. Although the weather forecast did not look promising we set off in sunshine and a pleasant breeze as we crossed the Onny heading east then turning north east towards Halford Wood getting a great view back over the valley towards Craven Arms. At the top of our first climb we stopped for refreshment.

Panorama from above Halford Wood
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We continued down and through Lower Dinchope and then turned towards Hanging Wood, Callow Hill and our lunch stop Flounders Folly.

Flounders Folly

Their website dealing with the folly is well worth a visit, however, over lunch Colin gave us a concise history of the structure. The views from the top of Callow Hill make the climb well worth the effort.

After lunch we descended in a chilling wind and returned to our start point via Strefford Wood, Berrymill Wood and Halford completing our 6 mile round trip.

Just this last stile to get over
Diana makes it safely

Many thanks to Anne and Colin for leading us.


Walk 39 [8.9 miles] - Bishops Castle

OS201 OS137 garmin

Six of us set out for Bishops Castle where we parked near the church and began our walk which took us west along the Shropshire Way towards Reilthtop. We had a bit of fun negotiating a very boggy area.
We had a break with a superb view south from the Shropshire Way overlooking Blakeridge Wood. By now the wind had got up and the sun which made a brief appearance had gone leaving us decidedly chilled. Undaunted we continued, descending along the Shropshire Way to Cefn Einion, Bryn and Llysty where finally the mystery of the vanishing footpath was revealed thanks to a helpful neighbour who confirmed that yes, we really did have to go through her neighbour's garden!

Yes, we’re going through someone’s garden!

Lunch was taken with glorious views south and east with Blakeridge Wood behind us. We then returned to Bishops Castle via Colebatch.

Just under 9 miles in all and a little under 4½ hours to complete. Thanks to an absent Geri Jackson for helping Graham to recce this great walk.


Walk 38 [6.1 miles] - Knighton & the Price monument

OS201 OS137 garmin

Our walk today was led by Margaret and Ian-C. We met up at the Leisure Centre Knighton and were thoroughly briefed by Margaret. We set out going up Farrington Lane to the highest point of the walk when we

Just getting our breath back

headed west towards an old friend the monument was erected to perpetuate the memory of Sir Richard Green Price where we took lunch.

Lunch at the monument
above 2 photos courtesy Ian H-c

It got quite chilly on 'the top' so we were soon on our way along Offa's Dyke heading back towards Knighton.

Geri: "Erm - don't look now Margaret but..

...that looks like a rather large bull !!"

As we neared Knighton our attention was taken by this fallen tree and fungii. Not having our resident expert to advise us on the walk we passed them by.
We arrived back in good order at Knighton Leisure Centre - just over 6 miles and a bit over 3 hours to walk for the six of us who made it. A most enjoyable walk and our thanks to Ian and Margaret for organising it.


Walk 37 [6ΒΌ miles] - Upper Kinsham & the Mortimer Trail

OS201 OS137 garmin

Today’s walk had been reconnoitred by John & Di. We drove to Upper Kinsham and took the path east along the river Lugg to Upper Lye where we crossed the Lugg and joined the Mortimer Trail. After climbing to Shobdon Hill Wood we had a welcome break for coffee.

Climbing to Shobdon Hill Wood

Coffee at last

We continued our walk through Shobdon Hill Wood and stopped for lunch overlooking Byton Common. We managed to solve the mystery of "The Bleeding Pinkey" before we carried along the Mortimer Trail descending to Byton village

Eating and drinking again!
above 2 photo courtesy Ian H-C

Descending to Byton before returning to our start point

Everyone was most impressed with the news that we had covered nearly 8 miles according to Graham's new GPS - but the truth must now be told that it was just under 6¼ miles. Graham has now learned to reset his trip mileage BEFORE starting a walk (so much to learn - so little time left!).

Many thanks to John and Di for leading us.



Walk 36 [7.7 miles] - Corve Dale & 2 Castles

OS217 OS137 garmin

Today found 8 us setting of from Aston Munslow on the 2 Castles Walk (number 3 was omitted!) in Corve Dale. We got off to a good start with Ian Hay-Campbell finding his own unique changing room.

Ian 'getting ready'

We soon started crossing fields of crops - didn't we Colin?

Corn on the Colin

We soon came to our first castle -

Broncroft, looking very grand

By which time we were looking forward to our lunch. We were not disappointed by the venue, and even more impressed that Colin and Anne had managed to find seating and a table.

Lunch with a view

Another track across a field of crops
above 2 photos courtesy Ian H-C

After lunch we made our way towards Peaton and Corfham Castle - not quite as striking as Broncroft but very interesting to read the history.

Corfham Castle - seen better days!

Finally we headed towards Diddlebury - not before stopping off at Mynd Hardy Plants to view what was on offer and then back to Aston Munslow and home.
A great walk and our grateful thanks to Colin and Anne Cummings for leading it.


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