Walk 42 [8½ miles] - Bucknell Wood & the Quirn

OS201 OS137 garmin

Monday 17th November 2008 saw the welcome return of Mike Starr from his holiday in Nepal - complete with cough and chest infection. The weather didn't look very promising and so the planned walk from Knighton was abandoned in favour of a local one for the 10 of us.

We left Bucknell via Daffodil Lane and took the well trodden path west through Bucknell Wood before we stopped - seemingly in the middle of a cloud for coffee.
We then started downhill towards the Chapel Lawn road - branching off to the Quirn; crossing the Chapel Lawn Road with another climb before dropping down to what Mike called a 'boggy bit' before stopping for lunch.

Just coming down to the Quirn

Famous Last words by Mike:
"There's a bit of a boggy bit coming up!"

As we finished lunch the weather started to turn rather unpleasant and we started a long descent back to the Chapel Lawn Road. Giving some amusement to a gent at Upper Lye who watch us climb carefully over a gate that although seemingly locked - could have been opened had we looked. Then back along Chapel Lawn Road and Bridgend Lane. Just about 8½ miles and many thanks to Mike Starr for leading us.


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