Walk 93 [9.4 miles] - Stanton Lacy, Walton, Culmington & Upper Hayton

OS201 OS137 garmin

This walk is the same as Walk 80 - we will now rename ourselves the Bucknell Mud Movers. Ian and Margaret were unable, due to weather, to recce a walk for today. 5 of us managed to make it to the church at Stanton Lacy, where, on a dank and misty morning we set off heading west via the Crosses and Walton. Some of us remembered the windswept oil seed rape crop of Walk 80, but this time the problem was mud - so much mud that our feet started dragging and once clear we all paused to scrape as much of the stuff off our boots as we could. Then we headed north towards Vernolds Common where we stopped for a coffee break by the now frozen pond.

Before arriving at Culmington I reminded everyone of the nutty wood chopper and hoped we'd escape this time. No such luck - there he was again - still chopping wood. We joined the River Corve once again and reapplied a thick layer of mud to our boots and eventually stopped for lunch.

Our lunch spot

As we approached Lower Hayton I reminded everyone that the unwary might be trapped by our 2nd garrulous gent - surely we'd get away with it this time!! Well, almost.....but Mike and Geri got trapped briefly by him before we made our escape and climbed the steep and very muddy bridleway as we left Upper Hayton

The final climb - (all downhill after this)
as we approach the charmingly named Thriftwicket Lane

before we made our final descent via Holly Coppice and dropping down to Stanton Lacy - oh yes, and across a final VERY VERY MUDDY field.

Ruth struggles down the final muddy field

Graham & Geri's boots!
all photos courtesy Mike

9.4 miles in about 5 hours.


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