Walk 94 [7.3 miles] - Cwm Weston & Bucknell Wood

OS201 OS137 garmin

6 of us were available and we met up at the church at the usual time. We crossed the fields to the west of the church, making use of the new kissing gates and emerged onto a slippery Chapel Lawn Road and set off us Daffodil Lane. Our walk took us along the forestry tracks to the bat sanctuary at Cwm (no bats as per usual). Then along the farm track to Weston (Geri managing to make an early start on the falling down stakes) and finally the long climb to Cotroger where we entered the small wood and stopped for a coffee.

Panorama from Bucknell Wood looking east
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Suitable refreshed we continued to skirt the top of Cwm Wood where at times the snow was quite deep, and eventually came across an interesting ice sculpture. Finally we turned for home, dropping down through Bucknell Wood where in separate attempts to impress, both Ken and Graham fell over. Mike tried really hard but only managed several alarming sideways skids. 7.3 miles of quite hard work at time, but a rewarding way to spend the morning - many thanks to Di for sharing her most favourite walk!


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