Walk 119 [5½ miles] - The Lingen Loop revisited again

OS201 OS137 garmin

Just 4 of the 'boys' assembled for a memory test for Ian H-C to see whether or not he could remember the Lingen Loop from almost 3 years ago to the day.

As it tuned out, the lad did quite well and really put up quite a good show.

Hmm - now just exactly where are we?

Ian gets close & personal with a gate to save getting muddy

He was rather apprehensive about a muddy bit from last time but he entered into the spirit of the game and we came home relatively unscathed in a really good time and just under 5½ miles.


Walk 118 [6 miles] - Llanfairwaterdine and Offa's Dyke

OS201 OS137 garmin

Sometimes one gets a feeling that not all of the lunatics are safely locked up! We set off from the car park at the village hall at Llanfair Waterdine in thick mist and made the long ascent up to Offa's Dyke. As we neared our goal Ruth informed us that there were great views had the surrounding thick cloud not thwarted us.

The Dyke appeared through the gloom and after a decent interval we pulled up a muddy tuft and stopped for a spot of creature comfort.

Stuffing our faces again!

Then we carried on bit further and then plunged off the Dyke path into a field - the far side of which we could not see. My trusty GPS kept us more or less on track and then we 'found' the promised muddy bit as we climbed out of a valley after which we made on of those near vertical descents before another short climb set us heading towards the road back to the cars.

Scrambling up the muddy bit

We scorned Ruth's offer of another climb - steep and slippery - in favour of keeping to the road. Just under 6 miles and a bit of a mini-adventure for the 7 of us who turned up to play. Many thanks to Ruth for keeping us on the straight and sticky narrow path.


Walk 117A (#36) [6.8 miles] - Beguildy & Black Mountain

OS216 OS137 garmin

The forecast was good and so 4 of us took the opportunity to check out a walk from Beguildy.

We drove up quite high heading towards Beacon Hill which bode rather well for a relatively easy walk over Black Mountain. We set off with Beryl leading and we were soon heading south with a misty Beacon Hill to our left as we headed towards Warren Bank. There was quite a bit of wind once we got a bit higher, but fortunately, with the sun starting to make its presence felt we were quite comfortable, nevertheless, we found a spot out of the wind for our coffee break just after crossing Warren Brook.

Coffee break just above Warren Brook

Ponies giving us the once over

We then made a long gentle and at times rather muddy climb up the side of Black Mountain pausing to chat to a handful of ponies, now showing their winter coat (do they know something we don't know?) before turning right and heading along the southern flank of Black Mountain. as we approached the minor road we turned north and started to look for a spot for lunch.

Heading along the southern flank of Black Mountain

A sheltered spot for our lunch break looking east towards Warren Hill

Our final leg took us on a minor diversion to add a bit more distance to this lovely walk and we eventually arrived back at the car after 6.8 miles of really good walking. Thanks to Mike and Beryl for taking us along.



Walk 117 [4.8 miles] - Lyonshall & Holme Marsh

Colin briefing the troops on the walk ahead

OS201 OS137 garmin

A grey and dank day saw 6 of us set off from the church car park at Lyonshall - so naturally, our first port of call was to the church itself, followed speedily by a circuit of the castle and a visit across the moat to see what was what. The castle was important from the 10th to the 16th century, but by the 17th it was recorded as being a ruin.

The moat - starting to fill up nicely

The castle needs a bit of work

We set off with Colin in the lead who was most informative on the history of the area and we were soon following part of the old 8 mile long tramway laid down in 1818 and used to import coal and iron from South Wales and take out cast iron, lime and agricultural produce - it closed in 1863. Before leaving the tramway Colin set about finding Tramway Pool where the tramway horses were given a good drink.

Colin tells Ian all about the tramway whilst the ladies march ahead

In a short while we came across Offa's Dyke and not long after, a convenient bench on a bridge was too inviting not to stop for coffee.

Our return to Lyonshall took us through maize fields (crop now harvested) and cider apple orchards as well a a couple of fields where we were subjected to close scrutiny by a number of friendly horses. We reached the cars at the church after 4.8 miles. A really interesting walk, and our thanks to Anne & Colin for leading on this occasion.

Erm - got any apples?

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