Walk 118 [6 miles] - Llanfairwaterdine and Offa's Dyke

OS201 OS137 garmin

Sometimes one gets a feeling that not all of the lunatics are safely locked up! We set off from the car park at the village hall at Llanfair Waterdine in thick mist and made the long ascent up to Offa's Dyke. As we neared our goal Ruth informed us that there were great views had the surrounding thick cloud not thwarted us.

The Dyke appeared through the gloom and after a decent interval we pulled up a muddy tuft and stopped for a spot of creature comfort.

Stuffing our faces again!

Then we carried on bit further and then plunged off the Dyke path into a field - the far side of which we could not see. My trusty GPS kept us more or less on track and then we 'found' the promised muddy bit as we climbed out of a valley after which we made on of those near vertical descents before another short climb set us heading towards the road back to the cars.

Scrambling up the muddy bit

We scorned Ruth's offer of another climb - steep and slippery - in favour of keeping to the road. Just under 6 miles and a bit of a mini-adventure for the 7 of us who turned up to play. Many thanks to Ruth for keeping us on the straight and sticky narrow path.


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