Walk 136A (#41) [7 miles] - Mortimer Forest 8 pools walk

OS201 OS137 garmin

A year ago we did the Mortimer Forest 7 pools walk which was rather unsuccessful thanks to the dry weather.

I thought it would be quite a good idea to revisit that walk and see if this year's weather had made any changes to the landscape.

We parked in High Vinalls car park and Geri and I set off for the 1st pool. As we went along today we had to name the pools as apart from two of them, they are all anonymous. So our 1st pool is called Tad Pool - so called because last year every time we went to this pool is was heaving with tadpoles - though not today! (1 down).

Tad Pool

We followed our track until we came to a pool that we hadn't seen last year. As we checked this one out we were delighted to catch a brief glance of a Kingfisher on the far side of the pool, and so we named this one Kingfisher Pool (2 down).

Kingfisher Pool

Our next 2 pools were less easy to find but the first was adjacent to the high fence alongside the path which we named Fence Pool (3 down).

Fence Pool (through the fence of course)

And so on to the road to Richards Castle where our next pool, almost opposite the entrance to Moor Park School, we called School Pool (4 down).

A barely visibly School Pool

Old mile post on the Richards Castle road

We then followed the road for a while, passing the entrance to the Mortimer Forest Black Pool Car Park and arrived at our next pool - Black Pool - looking much better than on previous visits (5 down).

Black Pool

We left the road and headed back into Mortimer Forest and looking forward to our coffee break. We eventually reach what was last year, a dried out scrape. This year Dry Pool was full of water and small fish. We sat on the convenient bench and enjoyed the view (6 down).

Dry Pool

We carried on, now climbing in the direction of High Vinalls and came across another pool that failed us last year. We were treated to the sight of a buzzard that launched itself from the trees above our head and so we named this one Buzzard Pool (7 down).

Buzzard Pool

It was now time to find the path back to our car, and we made the long descent to Peeler Pond and finally back to the car (8 down).

Peeler Pond

It was well worth re-visiting this walk - maybe we'll take the Group round soon. Thanks as always to Geri for her company.


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