Walk 139 [8.7 miles] - Chirbury, Offa's Dyke path and the River Camlad

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We parked opposite the village hall in Chirbury and seven of us set off, initially along the A490 heading north before we turned west and headed across the fields to intercept Offa's Dyke Path. Ruth warned us that "There are a lot of stiles on this walk" - a bit of a contrast to our last (damp) walk in Mortimers forest which was entirely free of stiles - anyway, I started counting the stiles.

Chirbury church in the sunshine

This walk took place in the Vale of Montgomery, and we were reminded of this when the striking remains of Montgomery castle could be clearly seen from out coffee stop position over to our west. The weather was perfect for walking, and as we settled for our break, several of us found ourselves removing our top layers as the heat of he sun penetrated.

Coffee time on Offa's Dyke

We continued south along the dyke path then headed east across fields via Whitley and Timberth, and, before we rejoined the A490 we stopped for lunch after which we crossed a few more fields and headed along the main road until we branched off and dropped down to cross the River Camlad at Dingle Bridge.

One of the several stiles - this one on Offa's Dyke path

The Camlad forms part of the border between Wales and England in places, before flowing into the River Severn. It is notable for being the only river to cross from England into Wales and does so twice.

A quick 'shot' of Colin

The peaceful river Camlad

Another stile as we emerged out of the Camlad valley

We were now heading north in the peaceful wooded valley of the Camlad and eventually emerged to cross a few more fields and stiles before arriving back at Chirbury. An enjoyable walk in spite of the 32 stiles of which we had to clamber over 25.

8.7 miles in good company and great weather to boot. Thanks to Ruth for leading us round this one.


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