Walk 139A (#43) [11.3 miles] - Adforton, Wigmore and Deerfold

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It promised to be a lovely day and Mike, Beryl, Geri and I needed no second bidding, and we set off in the bright sunshine having parked at Adforton.

The view east from Wigmore Rolls

We climbed up a bit onto a farm track and headed towards Wigmore. There was a low mist in the vallety which gave a magical appearance to the countryside, and itwas enchanting to see Wigmore church standing alone emerging from the mist.

Wigmore church emerging from the mist

We soon arrived at Wigmore Castle and decided to explore.

Wigmore Castle comes into view

Now to explore the castle

Looking out from Wigmore Castle
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Wigmore Church

Having satisfied our curiosity we dropped down towards the church then headed off joining the Wigmore Loop path for a short distance before we headed south west towards Woodhampton and Oakleigh

We were heading west now to Deepmoore Farm where we turned right and headed north towards Birtley, eventually stopping for a well deserved lunch break near to Deerfold Cottage.

Looking down on Deerfold Cottage

The clouds had started to build and, as we finished our lunch a sharp breeze cooled us off and so we were ready to set off again. It was here that Mike decided to take a small short cut, climbing up the hill behind Deerfold Cottage. On the way we came across a flock of black faced sheep who, in one mad dash, charged down the hill to surround the stile we were heading for. Mike led the way drawing on some deep-hidden shepherding skills and moved them out of the way.

Guess where we wanted to go?
Right at the bottom where ALL the sheep had run to!

Finally we headed towards Lenton via a sunken lane running with water which acted as a boot cleaner and emerged onto a narrow lane which took us back to Adforton. 11.03 miles today and, by the time we arrived at the car, we knew we'd walked every inch! Thanks to Mike for working out this lovely walk.


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