Walk 141 [5.8 miles] - Stansbatch and Wapley Hill

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11 of us made it to the starting line today, and we are pleased to welcome Carol into our group for the first time.

Ian and Margaret promised a short walk "the other side of Lingen" - so we drove almost to Presteigne and parked in the Forestry Commission car park at Wapley Hill and set off.

In very short order we found ourselves slipping and sliding in muddy furrows. Little did we know that a lot worse was to come.

We walked through The Warren which was quite delightful, (ignoring the mud) and with the low sun slanting through the trees it was quite picturesque. We headed down hill and emerged from the wood and crossed a field where Margaret, in the lead, tried to drop through an insecure manhole cover into a large pipe. Fortunately there were plenty of people to dust her down and we continued into Stansbatch where we diverted to the small Baptist Church (1863) to read an interesting notice on the outside of the porch.

The Warren

Emerging from The Warren

Old barn at Stansbatch
above 3 photos courtesy Ian H-C

The Baptist church - Stansfield

To deal with the world population explosion in this century God has made us to invent mighty powerful agricultural machinery such as the combine harvester. For which we should thank and love God who prospers us and who says:-

Let not the mighty man glory so much in his Might...but let him glory in this..that he knows and understands Me that I Am The Lord. Jer.9.23-24. The Lord is the author of prosperity!

As we continued Margaret and Ian were overheard to be muttering about "big ploughed field..." and "..lots of mud..", so we figured we were in for a bit of a muddy time. We started to swing back towards Wapley Hill and then crossed a very muddy ploughed field. Most of us ended up with large mud-laden boots but it wasn't THAT bad really - then we came to the fence - the electric fence!!! - and a thin strip of unploughed field that a midget might have negotiated successfully.

Interesting looking sheep

The promised ploughed field

L-R Colin, Mike, Graham

Centre - Geri

At last an opportunity came to cross the fence and get our feet out of the mud. Colin, ever helpful, offered to hold the electric fence down as I straddled it - imagine my surprise and reaction when, as I was halfway across, (in the most vulnerable position) he leapt back allowing the fence wife to twang into my nether regions whilst he complained about receiving a shock. Nuff said.

Climbing back up to The Warren

We were now back in Stansbatch and heading up the fields passing Margaret's manhole (skilfully avoided) and climbing back up into The Warren where we stopped for lunch.


Anne examines an interesting 4 bird carving
above 3 photos courtesy Ian H-C

On the way to Wapley Hill fort

We continued our climb up to the magnificent and huge hill fort. Fortunately, Ian refrained from delivering the promised 34 page thesis on flints etc, and we passed through the hill fort and dropped down to the cars.

Panorama looking west across Wapley Hill fort
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Whilst the walk only came to 5.8 miles - it seemed a lot longer - oh, and did I mention the mud? Very many thanks to Margaret and Ian for taking us round this part of Herefordshire - hitherto unexplored - perhaps next summer (assuming it isn't cancelled) we can do this one again.


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