Walk 142 [7.3 miles] - Clun, Purlogue and Upper Treverward

OS201 OS137 garmin

9 of us gathered on a rather damp looking morning at the car park by the river at Clun. The forecast suggested that we just might get our walk completed without getting very wet and so we set off up Church Bank - a good steady pull with the sun coming out to reward our efforts.

Heading towards Purlogue

We turned across the fields and headed in the direction of Purlogue and took our break in a sheltered spot above the Teme valley overlooking Purlogue. Anne came up trumps with festive mince pies all round - thanks very much Anne (glad the new cooker worked OK).

Coffee break - note the black clouds

Our coffee break view across the Teme valley

Call me suspicious but I drew attention to the gathering clouds - but hey - we didn't care and we set off down the hill and eventually crossed the Teme; stopping briefly for Ruth and 2 horses before we continued along the road - mercifully free of mud - and passed through Upper Treverward. As Colin said, it's one of those place names you see a lot and say to yourself "I wonder what's down that road". So now we know!

Ruth & horses - nuff said!

We continued along the road passing between Rock Hill and Llanfair Hill on a gentle climb followed by a gentle descent until we diverted back into the mud at Lleyn and finally down the High Street to the car park at Clun. It had started to rain so we figured we had just about got away with it. 7.3 miles in great company and thanks to Anne and Colin for finding this route.


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