Walk 163 [6.92 miles] - Bishop's Castle, Bankshead, Bishop's Moat, Upper Woodbatch and Wood House

OS201 OS137 garmin

It was a rather dull morning but it didn't put off 7 of us from setting off up the High Street in Bishop's Castle. We'd hardly gone more than a couple of hundred yards when we became aware of a 'knitting thing' going on in the town. First there was a street sign which appeared to have a knitted jacket, and then a little further up the High Street an amazing set of railings covered in what can only be described as a work of art.

A work of art outside a shop in Bishop's Castle

We left BC via Castlegreen and The Wintles (still under construction and seems to have been an ongoing building site for several years). We climbed up out of the town to Bankshead and took the permissive path north west eventually turning left and climbing past what might be described as a farm vehicle graveyard at Shepherdswhim and eventually crossing the Kerry Ridgeway and dropping down to Upper Woodbatch.

Heading up out of Bishop's Castle

Looking across towards Church Stoke from near Shepherdswhim

It was here that our leader Ruth confessed that she's had a bit of a problem finding a way through the farm. However this was quickly remedied by 2 of us who took Ruth on a journey of exploration through the farm and down to join the Shropshire Way at Wood House where we eventually stopped for lunch.

We were treated to an interesting spectacle of Di, who had forgotten her fork, eating her lunch with an improvised tool. You can't ever say that our group lacks imagination!

The ever resourceful Di pressing her compass into service

We continued along the Shropshire Way eventually arriving back at the start point having completed just shy of 7 miles. Thanks for Ruth who took as round and thanks to the lack of footbridges, didn't miss any turnings.


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