Walk 184 [8.6 miles] - Church Stretton, Willstone Hill & Cardington

OS201 OS137 garmin

7 of us gathered on a foggy morning at the Gaerstone layby where we set off and up towards Willstone Hill. On our left we could see that Caer Caradoc, the high point of today's walk was covered in thick fog.
Our route took us up to a high point where we climbed a series of summits ending at Willstone Hill. We passed Battle Stones, Motts Plantation and dropped down as we passed North Hill Farm where we joined the road for a short stretch.

Just rounding Hill End

Then we rounded Hill End - almost reaching Cardington where we turned west to Moor Farm then to Lower Farm and and climbed a long muddy track. We had now reached the Wilderness which seemed an appropriate time to stop for lunch.

Looking back at Hill End

The fog started to thin a little and a few patches of blue sky overhead left us with a hope that the weather might improve. I indeed, the sun made a watery appearance briefly before the visibility started to drop again.

We resumed and continued down along the Wilderness then round Gulley Green. We turned sharp left below Little Caradoc and then went slightly off piste going around Robin's Tump and back onto the track near Cwm's Cottage.

On the final stretch back to the cars

We crossed Cwm's Plantation and turned right heading back to the cars via Gaerstones Farm. Just over 8.5 miles and many thanks to Mike for organising this walk for us today.


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