Walk 206 [5.8 miles] - Lingen Loop (biennial)

OS201 OS137 garmin

It seemed like such a good idea! After days of rain, high wind and similar I thought that this circular walk might be just the ticket for the Bucknell Walkers. As the weather was promised to be fine and bright and cold, Sue Geri and I set off for the Elan Valley.

We arrived at about 9.30am and set about getting ready. It was immediately apparent that there was a bitterly cold wind coming down from the north towards the Claerwen Dam and that all of our windproof facilities would be required today. With that off we went.

We stopped, as usual, to talk to the pigs
photo courtesy Isabelle

Then up through the woods and down onto the lane that leads to Upper Lye. Left turn after about half a mile and into the forest where we stopped for coffee sitting on a strategically placed stack of logs. Then we tackled the zig-zags up the hill. This time we found a short, or perhaps it was a ‘long’ cut. Because we were talking so hard (an interesting discussion about children’s names) we missed the turning and continued up to the top of the hill on the forestry path. A quick consult of the map reassured us that if we continued on we should pick up the official route a little bit further on. So there you have it - it WAS a slightly different walk! The second part of the walk was marked by that other H-C favourite – mud. The descent down what was this time virtually a stream bed was a bit treacherous but no one fell over so that was good news. The final part across the fields and back to the woods was gluggy and squelchy at the field gates but we survived.

Back to the car by 12.15pm where one of the group who posesses a Fitbit told us that in fact the walk was 5.8 miles – a reasonable morning’s excursion. The H-Cs promise to maintain the tradition and will repeat this walk in 2017.

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