Walk 231 [6¾ miles] - Orleton, Wooferton & Richard's Castle

OS201 OS137 garmin

Eight of us gathered and welcomed new walker, Ted. It was just under a 7 mile fairly fast paced walk in misty but otherwise OK conditions. We walked north from Orleton past the Woofferton Transmitting Station and round to Richard's Castle.

A damp start but we are not disheartened

A bit muddy too
And foggy at Woofferton Transmitting Station
We then walked up to the old St Bartholomew's church next to the ruins of the castle.
Dovecot at The Court House, Richards Castle
The detached tower next to St Bartholomew's Church

emerges from the mist

We eat our apple and most also partook of a mince pie in the chancel of the church.
The walkers enjoy lunch ...
.. and savour Duncan's mince pies
We then continued the walk up and round the Goggin and then back down the road to Orleton.
We could have done with wellingtons on this enjoyable walk

all photos courtesy Colin

[Blog entry: Duncan]


Walk 230 [5.93 miles] - Yarpole, Bircher, Bircher Common & Fishpool Valley

OS201 OS137 garmin

10 of us settled down after meeting up at the Bell car park in Yarpole. We set off down the road passing a strange building which to me looked more like a 'one up and a hall'.
The strange little building at Yarpole
We then left the road and crossed a rather muddy field and headed for Bircher where we headed up Leys Lane for Bircher Common. By now the sun was really out and with clear blue skies it was quite warm in sheltered spots.
Coming up to Bircher Common
We crossed the norther side of Bircher Common and just before we picked up the Mortimer Train we stopped for our break on a convenient and sheltered bank.
Bircher Common in glorious sunlight
Just coming up for break time
Continuing, we entered the wooded area of Lyngham Vallet then turned left off the Mortimer Trail through Lady Wood, descending all the while to a shady and peaceful Fishpool Valley. We emerged at Cock Gate and, after crossing the B4362, returned to our cars.

Just over 5.9 miles, and many thanks to Judy for leading the 'charge' today.


Walk 229 [6½ miles] - Bishops Castle to Lydbury North & return

OS201 OS137 garmin

We set off on a grey morning which resulted in a short burst of rain. Leaving the car park we wound our way between bungalows and high hedges at Bowling Green Close, emerged to cross the main road.

Skirting newly sown fields we ascended Oakley Mynd passing through woodland where we happily scrunched through fallen leaves reliving our childhood delights(?) Onward across fields, giving a passing nod to disinterested cows we stopped for a coffee break and admired the distant slopes of the Longmynd, Stiperstones and Brown Clee Hill.

Continuing towards Totterton we emerged onto a lane which led us to cross Stank Lane and into fields above Lydbury North. Here we descended into the village to turn into Habershon Close, thence into a deeply sunken green lane. Not too overgrown at this time of year, after ½ mile we wriggled under a fallen tree to emerge at the top into a field.

Walking straight uphill we skirted Long Nursery Wood, and after cresting the final hill we settled down to enjoy an early lunch whilst enjoying a panoramic view of Bishop’s Castle.
Our lunchtime view of Bishop's Castle
From here it was an easy descent passing a bountiful heap of fallen crab-apples, joined a track from Conery farm. Following this track we arrived at Stank Lane, this led us to the main road where we followed the footpath to another crossroads, turning right we carried along the footpath to rejoin the narrow path between bungalows, retracing our steps to the car park.
Crab apples in a hedge

all photos courtesy Mary

[Blog entry: Mary]



Walk 228 [9½ miles] - Knighton to Bucknell

OS201 OS137 garmin

3 intrepid, but optimistic walkers, left Bucknell by bus to travel to Knighton to start our walk in very thick mist!
Heading up alongside the golf course
The view to the west
Heading towards the road on Offa's Dyke
We climbed steadily out of Knightonn past the Hospital on our left to join the Offa's Dyke path. Continuing on to the top of the hill through the golf course, when the sun started to peep through the mist! At this point there was a good deal of removing of layers as the sun was really warm! We now followed the path through the fields and many small gates, with lovely views to our right, to the B4357 which rose up to our left to the B4355 Presteigne Road.
Old mile post
Coffee in the sun
Crossing over this with the way marker on our right we followed the path along Llanwen Hill. We stopped for coffee in the sun and then continued our way passing the Spaceguard Observatory on our left, on a mettled track to turn right onto the continuation of Llanshay Lane. Here we walked along the road beside Long Wood, with only a passing tractor to disturb the peace, until we turned right on the track to Hill House Farm.
Looking south from Llanwen Hill
The Spaceguard Centre
We walked through the farmyard, bearing left through a gate to an enclosed track down to the road to Birtley and Newton. It should be mentioned here that special thanks and a round of applause are due to Stu who had spent 6 hours strimming the undergrowth from this sunken track to make life easy for us. THANK YOU STU. Here we turned left and almost immediately left again into Pedwardine Wood. Once through the gate we turned to our right and camped down for lunch!

After our break we walked on upwards, through a gate into a small field here we kept right to then re-enter the woods through another small gate.
Heading up to Pedwardine Wood
A 'one off' bridleway marker
The woods were wonderful - so many ancient trees- Sweet Chestnuts for everyone to snack on and beautiful Birches! We had been given special permission by the Harley Estate to walk down through the woods to the A4113 on our way back to Bucknell. We can only thank them for allowing us to see the trees in magnificent colour and some amazing fungi. Thanks to Graham for clearing it with them.
Pedwardine Wood
Heading downhill towards Bucknell
We arrived back in Bucknell negotiating the B4367 with care and just about covering 9½ miles - depending of course on which part of the village you live in! My thanks to all for your great company.
The fish ladder at Lingen Bridge

[Blog entry: Sue]



Walk 227 [7¼ miles] - Lingen, Birtley, Harley's Mountain & Brierley Hill

OS201 OS137 garmin

A pleasant sunny morning saw 10 of us set off from the car park near the church at Lingen. We passed through St Michael's churchyard and onto the road briefly before turning left onto the Lingen Loop.
We turned left at Deepmoor Farm and headed north along a sometimes quite slippery track eventually stopping below Upper Woodbatch Farm for a coffee and a fine view across the valley to the Farlands with a sad looking wreck of an old farm building nearby.
Coffee time view
Much refreshed we continued to Birtley, swinging left handed and eventually starting the long slow and gentle climb to the trig point on Harley's Mountain. On the way we had a bit of rain, sufficient for most of us to struggle into waterproofs, but not enough to spoil the walk.
On the way to Birtley
Having been quite sheltered it was surprisingly windy on the top, and after a brief look at the fine view, we hurried across the field to the shelter of a gorse hedge where we settled down for lunch.
View from Harley's Mountain
The trig point on Harley's Mountain
It was, in Mary's words, pretty much downhill all the way now, but not without incident. Just after lunch the heavens opened and we all got very wet and very cold in bright sunshine! We were on a familiar stretch of path we'd walked before on a walk from Norton several years ago when Geri managed to do one of her spectacular face plants. The offending slippery stick was identified and as she stood, exclaiming to all that she was OK, she looked like she had been dropped into a mud bath and at that precise moment the rain stopped - so no chance of a quick free wash down for Geri!

The walk passed beside Wood alongside The Gullet which we later crossed as we returned to Lingen just in time to beat the next downpour.
Very many thanks to Mary our walk leader today. A really great walk much of it on new ground.

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