Walk 229 [6½ miles] - Bishops Castle to Lydbury North & return

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We set off on a grey morning which resulted in a short burst of rain. Leaving the car park we wound our way between bungalows and high hedges at Bowling Green Close, emerged to cross the main road.

Skirting newly sown fields we ascended Oakley Mynd passing through woodland where we happily scrunched through fallen leaves reliving our childhood delights(?) Onward across fields, giving a passing nod to disinterested cows we stopped for a coffee break and admired the distant slopes of the Longmynd, Stiperstones and Brown Clee Hill.

Continuing towards Totterton we emerged onto a lane which led us to cross Stank Lane and into fields above Lydbury North. Here we descended into the village to turn into Habershon Close, thence into a deeply sunken green lane. Not too overgrown at this time of year, after ½ mile we wriggled under a fallen tree to emerge at the top into a field.

Walking straight uphill we skirted Long Nursery Wood, and after cresting the final hill we settled down to enjoy an early lunch whilst enjoying a panoramic view of Bishop’s Castle.
Our lunchtime view of Bishop's Castle
From here it was an easy descent passing a bountiful heap of fallen crab-apples, joined a track from Conery farm. Following this track we arrived at Stank Lane, this led us to the main road where we followed the footpath to another crossroads, turning right we carried along the footpath to rejoin the narrow path between bungalows, retracing our steps to the car park.
Crab apples in a hedge

all photos courtesy Mary

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