Walk 231 [6¾ miles] - Orleton, Wooferton & Richard's Castle

OS201 OS137 garmin

Eight of us gathered and welcomed new walker, Ted. It was just under a 7 mile fairly fast paced walk in misty but otherwise OK conditions. We walked north from Orleton past the Woofferton Transmitting Station and round to Richard's Castle.

A damp start but we are not disheartened

A bit muddy too
And foggy at Woofferton Transmitting Station
We then walked up to the old St Bartholomew's church next to the ruins of the castle.
Dovecot at The Court House, Richards Castle
The detached tower next to St Bartholomew's Church

emerges from the mist

We eat our apple and most also partook of a mince pie in the chancel of the church.
The walkers enjoy lunch ...
.. and savour Duncan's mince pies
We then continued the walk up and round the Goggin and then back down the road to Orleton.
We could have done with wellingtons on this enjoyable walk

all photos courtesy Colin

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