Walk 253 [7½ miles] - Bucknell, Bucton & Leintwardine

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On a dry, frosty morning eleven of us set off from Bucknell, taking the footpath following near the railway line towards Coxall farm. Passing the farm we crossed the lane leading to Adleymoor and continued on footpath across the fields and round the top of the heronry. Saw some old nests but no herons today. Where the path emerged on to the lane to Buckton Park we sent Mike into the puddle first to test the depth,
It's not that deep
and then picked a way skirting the deepest muddy water. At Buckton Park we admired the beautiful barn and continued along n the Herefordshire Trail into Leintwardine.
Clare and Eleanor stepping it out
Catherine negotiates a slippery bridge
Coffee stop
The walkers at Leintwardine Bridge
Coffee stop was by the river which was flowing fast. Repair work is being carried out on the lovely bridge there. After a walk up Watling Street and down the main road we left Leintwardine via Mill Lane and followed the Rive Clun towards Jay and then across the fields to Adleymoor Common. We stopped for lunch at Clare and Mark's house on Adleymoor, eating our sandwiches in the new kitchen extension.

A tour of their field and then back on to the lane towards Coxall Farm and returning to Bucknell, crossing the railway.

[Blog entry: Clare]


Walk 252 [7½ miles] - Shelderton, Stormer Hall & Brandhill

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A bright sunny morning after an overnight frost found 9 of us gathered at Shelderton House by kind permission of Mr & Mrs Geoffrey Rollason.
Leaving Shelderton
After a short distance Mary got very busy taking photos of the possible location of proposed chicken sheds - so we all stopped and did the same!
Brown fields in the distance mark the

location of proposed chicken sheds

We set off along field paths & tracks to a rejuvenated Stormer Hall looking much tidied that the last occasion the group visited the farm. New buildings and fences together with spanking new gates which opened easily and didn't threaten to fall over.
Looking back at Stormer Hall
We paused for coffee in a field before turning east then south to meet the A4113 for a few hundred yards until just past the Jolly Frog where we turn north east and climbed up to Mocktree Farm.
up to Mocktree Farm
View across to the Clees in the distance
Then past a ruin of another Mocktree Farm until we reached Shelderton Rock. Crossing the road we passed alongside Doctors Coppice, where we stopped for our lunch break with superb views all around us. After lunch we slowly descended to Brandhill and followed the Roman road which took us back to Shelderton.
Down towards Brandhill
The final descent back to Shelderton
Very many thanks to Mary for taking us along this very lovely walk today.


Walk 251 [7.0 miles] - Stokesay Castle, View Edge, Brandhill Gutter

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It was a gloomy, brooding morning as we left the Discovery Centre. We even joked that we might need head torches! When the sun came out towards the end of the walk it was an amazing deep red due, we heard later, to dust particles being whipped up from the Sahara by the hurricane.

Walking through the fields beyond View Edge we watched a man in a land rover herding pheasants, assisted by his dog! We found a sheltered spot for coffee and then walked on to Brandhill Gutter through the woods. Despite the recent rain we were surprised to find that the stream in the Gutter was completely dry.

After climbing up to Aldon we decided not to stop for lunch as high winds and rain were forecast. A small section of the lane descending towards Stokesay Castle has a notice stating that it is private, so we obediently walked down the field. Back at the Discovery Centre the sky cleared and the sun came out, though it was beginning to get windy.

[Blog entry: Ruth]
Stokesay Castle
ploughed pattern
time for a snack

Above 3 photos courtesy Steven

across the fields

Photo courtesy Clare


Walk 250 [7.1 miles] - Knighton, Offa's Dyke & Kinsley Wood

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Haha! Today the Met Office promised clear blue sky and sunshine!

9 of us gathered at Offa's Dyke Centre and struggled into our waterproofs in a drizzle. "Never mind" our fearless leader said. "The Met Office say it'll be clear blue skies very soon. The sun will be splitting the paving slabs - trust me!" I'm sure our newest member Steven looked rather sceptical at this remark.

Anyway, that all said and done, off we went alongside the Teme heading toward the foot of Panpuncton Hill, turning left at the foot of the hill to follow the Teme to just beyond Nether Skyborry where we joined the road.
The remarkable sculpture

graces the front garden of a house near Nether Skyborry

We headed past Skyborry Green and turned up a farm track to Cwm-sanaham. I had visited the farm there the previous Saturday to get permission to use this private track. We headed up to the farm and turned right onto the bridleway which skirted round the east side of Cwm-sanaham Hill.

We had only gone a couple of hundred yards when we came across a stranded sheep. (sound familiar?). Not for the first time did Bucknell Walkers swing into action to try to set the sheep up on it's feet. Alas, efforts by Catherine and Geri failed, and so three of us returned and headed up to the farm where, fortunately, the farmer was at home. He immediately set off on his quad bike and made light work of popping the sheep onto his machine, thanking us for our kindness as he set of back to his farm..

We continued to climb up the track to Offa's Dyke.
Sheep rescue
Looking back across the Teme valley to Knucklas

from below Offa's Dyke

Once we were up on Offa's Dyke the strong wind threatened to blow us uphill and at times walking was quite tricky. Just after we had crossed the path which came up from Skyborry Green we came to a less windy spot where we turned our backs on the view and sat for our one and only break.

From that point on is was literally downhill all the way returning to the Offa's Dyke Centre car park via Kinsley Wood. Just over 7 miles.


Walk 249 [7½ miles] - Myndtown & the Long Mynd

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Ten of us gathered outside the newly restored church at Myndtown on a bright morning, with rain due by 3pm. We turned left along the track just below the church, which gave us a a good view of the steep but short path we would take up onto The Long Mynd.
Starting off at a brisk pace
It was then heads down for ten minutes as we battled up the rough track, stopping for a drink and to catch our breathe as we joined the Shropshire Way along the top. This was a good soft path which made for easy walking.
There's always an up in the Shropshire Hills
We then turned right along a bridleway which soon lead is into the forest where there was an amazing array of fungi along the track side. We began our first descent stopping for coffee as we exited the woods. The view was lovely with a marked contrast between the grandeur of the Long Mynd to the left and the gentleness of the farmland to the right.
A welcome coffee stop
The path then took us across the field and we dropped steeply down into Minton Batch, where we began our gentle ascent to the glider station. We stopped for lunch just before the summit, sitting amongst the heather and wimberries, admiring the view and enjoying the tranquillity
Lunch stop
As rejoined the Shropshire Way we stood briefly to watch the gliders take off/land. We were then on the homeward stretch and when we reached the bridleway we had taken earlier we turned right and this time followed it through the heather to join the final footpath back to the lane and across the field to the church.
Passing the Gliding Club
The finish is within sight
We finished our walk, which was just short of 7.5 miles, with a quick look around the church and a welcome (and well earned) cup of tea kindly left for us by the neighbouring farmer. We had stayed dry and hadn't had to climb a single stile so the walk was enjoyed by all!

[Blog entry: Catherine]
A refreshing cuppa and Catherine's delicious chocolate brownies
Fortunately it was only a short sermon

above photos courtesy Colin

Checking out the churchyard at Myndtown

photo courtesy Duncan

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