View of Clun from Sowdley Wood

Walk 243 [8.22 miles] - Hopton Castle, Purslow Wood, Clunton Coppice & Black Hill

OS201 OS137 garmin

12 of us met up at Hopton Castle for our walk today and we welcomed a visitor - Ruth, school friend of Clare for the first time.

We set off and climbed up and out of Hopton Castle; crossing the minor road and entering Purslow Wood where we walked along the well made forestry path, eventually emerging near Ladye Bank.
Emerging from Sowdley Wood
We started the long climb just as the sun started to come out. Various top layers were peeled off as we progressed and got hotter and hotter as we entered Sowdley Wood.
Going up Ladye Bank
Once we had done most of the climb we stopped for a coffee break, perching ourselves on the edge of the track.
Coffee break in Sowdley Wood
There was still a bit of a climb left for us, but we were rewarded by great views across the Clun valley to Clunton and Clun.
Looking across the Clun valley to Clunton from Sowdley Wood
Clun from Sowdley Wood
Once we emerged from Sowdley Wood we were on the top of Black Hill and we started a gentle descent, passing through the cleared areas where foxgloves have taken over now that the trees have gone.

We passed above Cwm and arrived at the minor road that leads down to Twitchen which we had crossed earlier. Not long after Catherine announced we had reached our lunch stop (at her home). So we lined up on a low wall in her back garden and enjoyed the views across the valley to Hopton Titterhill and Black Hill.
Lunch break view from Catherine’s garden
Our final stretch took us initially steeply downhill and then turned right (cattle avoidance procedure) to Llanhowell Farm, then a short climb before the long descent back to Hopton Castle. A most enjoyable walk, and our thanks to Catherine for her careful reconnaissances to ensure we didn’t get lost.


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