Walk 248 [6.44 miles] - Cleobury North & Ditton Priors

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No Val today, but we must thank her again for her huge effort in leading the group on the last 3 occasions.

Our walk this week started in the village hall car park at Cleobury North.

This was one of Anne and Colin’s walks where we drove out into the wild blue yonder with no real clue as to what awaited us. The forecast was for it to stay dry, but it wan’t very long before the 7 of us realised that once again our forecasters had got it all very wrong.

We left the car park and turned right at the main road and after a short distance left by the church of St Peter & St Paul
St Peter & St Paul church
After a short distance on the track of the former Cleobury Mortimer -Ditton Priors railway built to carry the stone quarried on the Brown Clee we crossed the main road and headed towards what promised too be a rather muddy bit. We weren’t expecting to be offered a broken bridge which turned out to be far to slippery to walk over, and so we opted for the hop-over-the brook method.
the slippery broken bridge
In no time at all we came across evidence of former military occupation a Royal Navy Armament Depot - an impressive metal fence appeared out of the misty drizzle. RNAD Ditton Priors, a depot, which had 25 magazines and four stores for naval mines, opened in 1941. The buildings were camouflaged and served by rail sidings. Trains and their dangerous cargo could then be loaded and unloaded inside. In 1960 the railway line was finally closed but the Royal Navy continued to use Ditton Priors until 1965. It is now a trading estate.
the impressive metal security fence
By now it was properly raining as we passed several fields heading towards Ditton Priors and the promised coffee break.

We eventually came into the village and paused to read the blurb on a convenient information board about the history of Ditton Priors.
The Ditton Priors information board
It was definitely time for a break and we headed across the main road in the village and across the churchyard to take refuge in the porch of St John the Baptist church for what turned out to be our lunch break.
St John the Baptist church

Ditton Priors

Once we got going again the rain seems to ease off as we crossed another field of ready to harvest crops.
ready to harvest
The promised coffee stop with the prospect of fabulous views was cancelled by mutual agreement as the low mist would have invalidated the effort. Instead we pressed on and eventually Ruth was rewarded by a chat with a 'friend'.
Ruth and her horse for the day
Across another field and we entered yet another field full of cows who were clearly in need of milking. We left the field and walked along a very muddy concrete path to be passed by the farmer heading in the opposite direction to bring the cattle in for milking. We stepped out smartly which was just as well and within a few minutes they came after us.
The cows are coming

We made it in the nick of time

Calves in the barn
We paused to make those "aah" noises to the calves snuggled into a barn before we headed across another grassy field which helped remove the evidence of our recent brush with those cows and back to our start point.

Thanks very much to Anne and Colin who kindly treated us all to afternoon teas with scones, jam and cream - and thanks very much to them both for this walk which we really MUST walk on a fine day!


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