Walk 249 [7½ miles] - Myndtown & the Long Mynd

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Ten of us gathered outside the newly restored church at Myndtown on a bright morning, with rain due by 3pm. We turned left along the track just below the church, which gave us a a good view of the steep but short path we would take up onto The Long Mynd.
Starting off at a brisk pace
It was then heads down for ten minutes as we battled up the rough track, stopping for a drink and to catch our breathe as we joined the Shropshire Way along the top. This was a good soft path which made for easy walking.
There's always an up in the Shropshire Hills
We then turned right along a bridleway which soon lead is into the forest where there was an amazing array of fungi along the track side. We began our first descent stopping for coffee as we exited the woods. The view was lovely with a marked contrast between the grandeur of the Long Mynd to the left and the gentleness of the farmland to the right.
A welcome coffee stop
The path then took us across the field and we dropped steeply down into Minton Batch, where we began our gentle ascent to the glider station. We stopped for lunch just before the summit, sitting amongst the heather and wimberries, admiring the view and enjoying the tranquillity
Lunch stop
As rejoined the Shropshire Way we stood briefly to watch the gliders take off/land. We were then on the homeward stretch and when we reached the bridleway we had taken earlier we turned right and this time followed it through the heather to join the final footpath back to the lane and across the field to the church.
Passing the Gliding Club
The finish is within sight
We finished our walk, which was just short of 7.5 miles, with a quick look around the church and a welcome (and well earned) cup of tea kindly left for us by the neighbouring farmer. We had stayed dry and hadn't had to climb a single stile so the walk was enjoyed by all!

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A refreshing cuppa and Catherine's delicious chocolate brownies
Fortunately it was only a short sermon

above photos courtesy Colin

Checking out the churchyard at Myndtown

photo courtesy Duncan


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