Walk 250 [7.1 miles] - Knighton, Offa's Dyke & Kinsley Wood

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Haha! Today the Met Office promised clear blue sky and sunshine!

9 of us gathered at Offa's Dyke Centre and struggled into our waterproofs in a drizzle. "Never mind" our fearless leader said. "The Met Office say it'll be clear blue skies very soon. The sun will be splitting the paving slabs - trust me!" I'm sure our newest member Steven looked rather sceptical at this remark.

Anyway, that all said and done, off we went alongside the Teme heading toward the foot of Panpuncton Hill, turning left at the foot of the hill to follow the Teme to just beyond Nether Skyborry where we joined the road.
The remarkable sculpture

graces the front garden of a house near Nether Skyborry

We headed past Skyborry Green and turned up a farm track to Cwm-sanaham. I had visited the farm there the previous Saturday to get permission to use this private track. We headed up to the farm and turned right onto the bridleway which skirted round the east side of Cwm-sanaham Hill.

We had only gone a couple of hundred yards when we came across a stranded sheep. (sound familiar?). Not for the first time did Bucknell Walkers swing into action to try to set the sheep up on it's feet. Alas, efforts by Catherine and Geri failed, and so three of us returned and headed up to the farm where, fortunately, the farmer was at home. He immediately set off on his quad bike and made light work of popping the sheep onto his machine, thanking us for our kindness as he set of back to his farm..

We continued to climb up the track to Offa's Dyke.
Sheep rescue
Looking back across the Teme valley to Knucklas

from below Offa's Dyke

Once we were up on Offa's Dyke the strong wind threatened to blow us uphill and at times walking was quite tricky. Just after we had crossed the path which came up from Skyborry Green we came to a less windy spot where we turned our backs on the view and sat for our one and only break.

From that point on is was literally downhill all the way returning to the Offa's Dyke Centre car park via Kinsley Wood. Just over 7 miles.


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